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The aim of the College is to produce graduates of profound scholarship having in depth scientific knowledge of ayurveda in accordance with the ayurvedic fundamentals associated with extensive practical training, who would be efficient teachers,research workers,Kaya Chikitaka(Physician) and Shalya Chikitaka(Surgeon) with the sole object of reviving and developing the Indian System of Medicine.

The college building has all the facilities including Library, Laboratories, etc. It has an attached Pharmacy and a Hospital also. The College building is being renovated to add more facilities. The College is recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine. The Hospital is a unique building of its kind. It is one of the biggest Ayurvedic Hospitals in South India, consisting of more than 200 beds. It has a fully equipped Operation Theatre, an X-ray Unit and all other modern facilities. The Hospital has proved popular for the treatment of Panchakarma, Chronic Skin Diseases, etc. It has well equipped departments of Panchakarma, Shalya, Shalakya, Sthree Roga, Kaumara Vratha, Rasa Shasthra, Dravya Guna etc.

Ayurveda the “science of life” is the traditional medicine in India. Its history goes as far back as to Indian History and has its roots with Herbs. Ayurveda evolved at a time when philosophy and medicine were not separated. So philosophical views have strongly influenced ayurvedic theories. Its pharmacopoeia is based on the organic, natural herbs, rather than chemical substances. Ayurveda is based on deep communion with spirit of life and its different manifestations